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Tuesday, November 30, 2004
In one night, something that we have been talking for the whole entire year was over. nobody really bothered eating dinner, we were more interested in taking pictures. Everybody looked so beautiful, exluding the waiters. the service was so lousy. oh well but I guess can't blame them, they look pretty young.

Zhi min was crowned as the prom queen! so ten years down the road I can say that the smss prom queen was my friend! haha. I'm really going to miss my class. strange how two years can build such strong bonds. but it scares me.. what happens if one day I forget, I know I shouldn't but what if? what if I should look at old photos when I'm eighty and wonder who these people are? I don't want to forget.

After the programme, we started dancing.. that was fun! didn't dance in a long time. we were chased out of the ball room cos they wanted to clean up. so sad. so the whole group of us trooped out into the streets in our heels and gowns. haha.. ppl stared at us like we were aliens or something. or maybe cos we're all just super chio. haha. (bhb) Walking in orchard road at midnight is really great! first there is a cool breeze blowing, the roads are clear, the moon in the sky and the light glowing from streetlights. so... we just took the opportunity to sing christmas songs loudly without any worries that we will get into trouble.. wonder when we can ever do that again. After catching a late night movie (incredibles), we all went back to the hotel. we didn't sleep until about 4.30 in the morning.

Then had to wake up early to go to school for batam mission trip meeting. haha... we had to go concourse to buy stuff for the batam kids. then we walked to bugis, to bras basah, to raffles city, to st. andrews cathedral. and.. guess what... we took the 174 from the wrong side of the road so we went to Outram road instead. so smart right? hahaha.... oh well... feel so stupid. sorry ppl... remember to remind me not to direct all of u when I'm sleepy. haha.
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Saturday, November 27, 2004
just back from sentosa. my dad arranged it to be like a kind of "surprise" trip. so I spent the last two days slacking in the hotel and we still drove back to the main island for meals. so what's the point? but it was fun I guess.

You know... I have no idea why I got a blog. what's the purpose of having a blog? you can't write ur innermost secrets... the whole world will be able to read it! you can't write what you did every single day cos you will get bored of it. I don't even know what I'm rattling on about.

perfection. I'm a perfectionist to a certain extent. but I just realised something today while talking with mel. there is no such thing as perfection in this world. everything that was once perfect has been made unperfect. dirtied. even nature is in decay. any perfection is just perceived. sad but true? it just makes earth a even sadder place to live in doesn't
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Wednesday, November 24, 2004
class party today! mel and gen came over to prepare for the party. now we're just slacking away in my room.

Had the briefing today, well.. its not much of a briefing. just collecting our forms for jc application. Have to pray about which school I should go to... have two days to decide where to go for the first three months. oh yeah! would like to thank Gen for helping me with the blog.
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Monday, November 22, 2004

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haha.I finally got a blog. still need time to play around and familiarise myself. Anybody want to teach me???!?!
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