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Monday, December 20, 2004
yup 5 more days to christmas. Which means 13 more days to school reopens. Don't know why I'm so scared about going to jc. Is it because I'm afraid that I won't fit in? is it just because I fear the future and the changes that it brings?

going to youth camp tomorrow. I don't know why. but I have a feeling that it won't be fun. Keep a positive attitude. Keep a positive attitude. Trying to physco myself here. sigh. more later.

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Saturday, December 18, 2004
mama woke me up today just to take a flu jab so my left hand is numb now. I type funny. Then Trouser had to take his jab too. He walked out limping, poor trous. Then went to crystal jade at J8 to eat lunch and after eating, my mum said that the one at toa payoh served better food. And if I recall correctly this is not the first time she's saying that. Might as well have suggested going to toa payoh in the first place right? instead of at the end of the meal? haha. she's quite funny sometimes. Came back and did christmas cards. time passes so quickly, its christmas time again. So... to all in 4/6, my family, church, friends... I just want to take this time to thank you for your friendship and that you all mean so much to me. I love ya'll!

:[15 more days till school reopens]:
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Friday, December 17, 2004
got my jc posting for the first three months. I got into sajc. decided not to appeal. Then went out with mel to watch our school busk in orchard. went shopping, bought a wallet (for mel), famous amos cookies, and abba cd for my dad!

mel, hope you like the wallet.Think of me everytime you take it out ok? and since you take your wallet everywhere you go, just want to tell you that even though I might not be with you physically... but I will always be there for you and thinking about you. this sounds so les... but hey... whatever.

salina, you did great! haha I realise that your arms and legs really very long and that you are a good dancer. I haven't seen you for so long! pleased to see that you are so involved in God's work! continue to work hard for Him and glorify Him.
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Thursday, December 16, 2004
helped out with the Loving Joy childrens' camp for the past few days. The children in my group are quite obedient but they do get a little distracted. Its kind of strange and I think Eunice will not agree with me.. but I kind of like Gabriel. He isn't exactly Best Camper material. He can be quite playful and irritating sometimes, but he is helpful and actually quite nice to talk with. Today they went out to the reptile park. I must say something abt the reptile park. The place is like a ghost town. the only large group there was us. Its so run down and practically only two ppl run the whole show. Two staff were our tour guides and the same two staff did the crocodile show which was kind of xian (according to gabriel). guess how many tourists I saw in the park? two. Two unimpressed, with the I-shouldn't-have-wasted-my-time-look on their faces. what is the tourism board doing?! and the poor crocodiles... the trainers poke them with a splintered bamboo stick. but I had fun today... and I think the children did too. treated some of them to a simulator ride. and seeing them scream and laugh during the ride is the greatest payment ever. Don't know why? These children might not even remember if after today but I'm happy regardless.

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Sunday, December 12, 2004

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Saturday, December 11, 2004
This short trip has been really enriching. So many thoughts are running through my mind and yet I just can't seem to write it down. The indonesians there, compared to us, they have so little, but yet you can see pure joy on their faces. they praise and worship God everywhere they go. We have so much to learn from them and I can't help feeling ashamed.

sometimes I don't feel that God is at work in my life. But perhaps I have closed myself to Him, perhaps all this while I have been dismissing His providence as just coincidence and therefore taken it for granted.

So much to share. So much I've learnt. Are you willing to listen?

7th December
Didn't do much.. just visited the tuition centres and the slum area. so many adorable children. Then we also packed rice, sugar and oil into individual smaller packets for food distribution to about 100 families in the slum areas. Discovered that my phone had no auto roaming. Whined about it occasionally during the trip.

8th December
The morning activity was to conduct a children's programme in the slum area. I didn't really know what to expect and was afraid whether I would be able to open myself to them and even if I did, I wasn't sure whether they would accept me. When we reached, I was surprised to see so many children and their mothers already seated down under a make shift tent made out of canvas sheets and proped up with string and wood pieces. Sang a few songs, played Simon says and they participated actively. Which is very encouraging to see, that they know who God is and have heard the gospel. some of the people who gathered around aren't even christians and it is just so heartwarming to see everybody ,even the mothers, singing to praise God. Then we did balloon sculpting with the children. You should have seen how excited they were. These children didn't care about what colour they wanted their balloon to be, and they didn't really fuss about what animal they wanted. They were just so easily satisfied with what we gave them as they swarmed around us.

Later in the afternoon, we did food distribution and the people were so grateful for the food. Once they received the packet of food, they shook all of our hands and thanked us. Just 5 kg of rice and 1 kg of sugar and oil and they are so thankful for it. We have so much more and we don't treasure any ounce of it. We just take what we have for granted. There are people starving out there! finish your food and don't waste it! After the distribution, we had time to interact with the children and I learned my first indonesian sentence apart from songs. Mu nama apa? which means what is your name? Got to meet Lisa, who is two years old and esther, age unknown. and oh! they are so cute. big eyes, long eyelashes, not to mention they readily allow you to carry them. I took a picture with esther, I'll post it up when I get it. The girls were having so much fun that the guys in the team had to keep reminding us (elena, grace,me, rach,sharon, eli) that we had to go before we finally got the message to leave the place.

Then we visited the tuition centres set up by students from the students from the bible school. The children there are mostly chinese, are more well to do, and you can see the difference in their character when compared to the slum children. They participated less in the singing, they were more picky about the colour and design of their balloons. but they were equally excited about getting the sweets. One or two are christians but majority are buddhists.

Next, we visited the new school that was being set up by the bible school. The proposed name is El Shaddai school for young children. the place is huge! and there is also a large field at the back.
Rachel says she wants to buy it for one sing dollar. xiao wei!

9th December

Breakfast was something new today. Green bean with barley, cinnamon, ginger, sugar, and I think rice to make it starchy. Interesting isn't it? most of us just gave Han Qin our plate. haha. I thought it would have tasted better if it was hot.Went back to the slum area to continue the childrens' programme. There was less children and mothers gathered today and most who gathered were christians. but nonetheless, the spirit was high and we continued the programme. After singing songs, we played London bridge and Fire/hunter/earthquake with the children. Well, they didn't really play the games properly but you can see they had fun anyway. smiles, laughter, running about. For examle London bridge, a simple game, something that most singaporean children won't want to play because it is 'boring', kept the Batam children laughing and screaming in joy for abt ten to fifteen mins. its just that easy to please them. All they want is for somebody to show that they care and love them and they are so accepting. so innocent.

Attended the friday service conducted at the bible school. The people worshiped with such passion for God. They lifted their hands, they danced, and the voices just drowned the music. Nobody is there looking at you weirdly when you raise ur hands or do free worship. Everybody is just praising God in their own way and their passion just spreads like wild fire. Here, people are so conscious about themselves, most ppl are worried about what others will think of them when they lift their hands, and the musicians more concerned that they will play the wrong notes and embarrass themselves instead of focusing on the bigger picture, which is praising God.

After dinner, we gathered to listen to a testimony by a ex-student of the school who stations in an island near batam. The locals on the island are all muslims and they work as fisherman, but they earn very little from fishing because of over fishing in the area around riau islands due to high demand to singapore. So he is trying to teach them to earn money through an alternative means--making of charcoal. The people believe in bomos and black magic and the black magic is very strong in the island. Many people are said to have died because of black magic. God showed his power when this little girl fell into the sea from the kellong when her father was out drawing water from the well. When she was rescued, she was half dead. The villagers called five bomos to help revive her, but whatever ritual they performed was futile effort. Then the father turned to him to help the girl. He said he couldn't help unless all of them trusted him and His God. There wasn't much choice so they did. He picked the girl and held her in his arms and started praying. his heart was pounding because he knew that if nothing happened to the girl, he and his companions could lose their lives. He entrusted and surrendered the whole situation to God and prayed. When he asked the villagers who gathered to pray along with him, they all did. Even the bomos. after half an hour of praying, God gave him the idea of letting the girl drink some sweet water. After drinking the sweet water, the girl vomitted out all the water and she was well again. Our God is so great to people who believe and have faith.

On the last day, we visited a church and another tuition centre as a form of encouragement to people in the field. There are many things I will never forget as well, all the nonsense singing in the van, the out of tune songs we presented, the late night talks and snacks we had, the stupid cockroach in the trashbag, and the bonds we built. Thanks to elena, rach, eli, grace, sharon for all the memories.

yesus cinta mu and yesus memberkati mu
Which means, God loves you and God bless you

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Friday, December 10, 2004
Hide me now
Under your wings
Cover me
Within your mighty hands

When the oceans rise
and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are King over the flood
I will be still and know you are God

Find rest my soul
In Christ alone
Know His power
In quietness and trust
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Sunday, December 05, 2004

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16th Oct
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bui eh
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31st gb

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