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Thursday, April 28, 2005
didn't go to school today. sick. down with an oxy-moronic nose that can't decide whether it wants to be blocked or runny. haven't been blogging cos of school work and all. Just spent the morning doing my PI.

why is it that when ur not blogging, u have a lot of things to blog about, but when you finally get online, you suddenly have nothing to write about? Its like how you can think of tonnes of questions to ask someone, but when you finally meet up, you can't remember what you wanted to ask.

have been feeling insecure lately, wondering whether I mean something to people around me, suddenly it doesn't seem clear anymore. but I think as usual I think too much, I read too much into things. Just realised, how jealous and selfish I can be. I really admire people who can make everybody feel comfortable around them in a flash, its such a useful skill which I don't possess. I take so long to adapt and Im so dependent on people. how to survive like that?! when will I ever learn?

oh man, mel, chris, gen, janet, bev, vk.... I really miss e old times. can we ever turn back to clock? I can't believe it, even after 4 months in jc? Im still clinging on to the past. what is the problem with me?!

Im not happy with this blog entry at all. everything is wrong about it.
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Wednesday, April 27, 2005
Josh Groban- My confession
I have been blind, unwilling to see
The true love you're giving.
I have ignored every blessing.
I'm on my knees confessing

That I feel myself surrender
Each time I see your face.
I am staggered by your beauty,
Your unassuming grace.
And I feel my heart is turning,
Falling into place.
I can't hide
Now hear my confession.

I have been wrong about you.
Thought I was strong without you.
For so long nothing could move me.
For so long nothing could change me.
Now I feel myself surrender
Each time I see your face.
I am captured by your beauty,
Your unassuming grace.
And I feel my heart is turning,
Falling into place.
I can't hide
Now hear my confession.

You are the air that I breath.
You're the ground beneath my feet.
When did I stop believing?

Cause I feel myself surrender
Each time I see your face.
I am staggered by your beauty,
Your unassuming grace.
And I feel my heart
Falling into place.
I can't hide
Now hear my confession.
I can't hide
Now hear my confession.
Hear my confession

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Monday, April 18, 2005
on sunday, we went for an eating spree! after class we went to paragon Nooch, then after that Yj and I went off for a movie, gosh they're so sweet together. haha. so the rest of us went to din tai feng and finished 30 xiao long baos. had to endure comments like, "wah I didn't know you eat so much one leh. and when are u gg to be full?" e xiao long baos are so small la! wait... that's not the end. We proceeded with gelato after that. haha. but Kat, drey and I shared a regular cup la.

After lunch, the guys wanted to go arcade so the girls just tagged along. ahah.. was fun watching how violent the guys can be. haha...

Soccer match today. SA vs AC. very close fight, 1 nil in favour of Sa. after Sa scored one goal, Ac got really agressive, kept shooting, and they were so close to scoring a few goals, but sa goal keeper was good. Im not boasting, come down and see for urself, he's good. e spirit was higher today, the councilors waved more flags, e sfc ppl brought down a drum to drown the pathetic pail- cylinder- looking like thing that ac brought. haha. but to give them some credit, their cheerleaders were loud. sports really brings a college together. haha.
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Sunday, April 17, 2005
went to anne of green gables today. Good seats.. haha. we were quite casual about our dressing. maybe more of smart casual, but when we got there we got a shock of our lives. Our juniors were dressed to the nines. Apparently the school told them that they had to be dressed very formally so most of them looked like they were ready for prom. styled hair, halter dresses, shauls. We walked into the toilet and there was this girl with her huge make up box, helping her frens do their make up. like huh?! win liao la. E production... e girls worked hard, so I would say, its a good job done, entertaining, but I can't help it that I've been spoiled by professional musicals, I couldn't help noticing that the singing was a little off key. but nonetheless, Im so proud of the cast and crew. really well done. e fact that we can stage a production is a very big feat. :)

C4 today... was more of a bio lesson haha. but we also played Yahtzee... that was fun! our grp won e donuts!

haven't been doing much work lately.. must start bucking up...

to anyone who is feeling down, lost, bitter, it might no seem that way but God is always around, its just that its us who is deaf to his still small voice, so stretch out ur hand and call out to God, and you'll find gentle hands catching you. and these hands will never let go, most of the time we let go first. it is my prayer that we never lose this focus, when the journey is hard and long. May He be ur light in the darkness.

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Sunday, April 10, 2005
Daddy's birthday today. went for lunch after church. haha funny. mum wanted me to ask T along. I guess its all in a bid to try to find out what T is like. so I smsed T and T didn't reply me... T went straight to my mum to ask. haha. keep telling her we're frens, but so anyway... some other church ppl went too, so now they are probably thinking that we're not just frens. this is so embarrassing. but my stand is clear. not gg to commit to anything now or in the next few years. that's final.

Dad's going for an op tmr at 8.30. to put a splint to prevent his coronary artery from being blocked. sounds painful, but he assures me that it doesn't hurt. well if it doesn't hurt then they wouldn't put him under local right? guess he doesn't want us to worry bout him. He'll be staying in the hospital for 2 days, so might go and visit him after school. Keep him in prayer ok? wisdom for the doctors, smooth operation, quick healing.

I think mum's worried, but she tries not to show it. its understandable, its quite a major op. but some how Im not very scared or worried, cos i know everything is in God's hands... seems as though I couldn't care less right? I sincerely believe that He will be fine, just hope nothing goes wrong during the op. wonder how my dad is feeling abt it.

Euthanesia is wrong, cos its putting value to someone's life, and all life is precious and God given, therefore it is wrong. so in that way, having a low self esteem... thinking that ur own life is not valuable, that ur the smallest thing on this earth. isn't that putting value to ur own life? so is that wrong too?

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Wednesday, April 06, 2005
er hrm.... oh... I would like to thank DM... for the wonderful momento HE left on my foolscap paper. its a suitable reminder to how lame, bored and crappy HE can get.

p.s. have I made it up to u for the gender confusion? :D
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first week of school. Got to meet my new class mates, half of them are scholars but they are pretty ok. One good thing is that most of the class are christians, so we can fellowships in the chapel library. Just had one today, quite fun. We shared what our individual dreams were and prayed for the events organised for easter week.

these few days, it seems as i've been jinxed. maybe Im just blur la. first, sunday. Was supposed to alight e mrt at yio chu kang, was so caught up with talking to dad, went to khatib, so had to ride e mrt back to yck. Second, mon, took e 855 from harbour front home.. slept in the bus, woke up when the bus was at Yishun Sports Centre. sigh.. but met Puay yong there. so maybe it wasn't such a bad thing. Third, today.just when I stepped out of school to walk to the bus stop, it started raining cats and dogs. drenched by the time I reached the bus stop. Then... the bus had to break down. sigh. so got wet a second time waiting for another 855.

can't wait for tmr. LIFE CONCERT! can't wait to see mel again. ok... my focus is all wrong. Life concert is abt praising God. haha. oh well. I can't wait to see mel!
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