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Friday, October 28, 2005
what's been happening these few days? suddenly everyone is ignoring me. is it me? is it cos I do it to you? do I make it seem like that I only look for you when I have problems? does friendship mean so little? maybe I've been pmsy these few days. but what's happening? is there a growing gap between us all or is it just that I am too sensitive? Im I too irritating?

Im ranting. maybe sometimes I only give ppl assurance cos I want them to reassure me. how selfish is that? is that why Im building a wall up? is that why ppl think im cold?

I know i shouldn't be feeling this way. friendship isn't about this, but sometimes I feel used. what about the promises we made to each other? doesn't that mean anything either? or Im I just missing something? or is it just cos Im not making the first step?
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Sunday, October 16, 2005
haha! finally 17. no longer sweet 16.
went out with mello, bev, jan, and gen (who once again forgot what day it was) after open house today. Gen you still owe us presents from like last year... you forgetful hammie. haha. Went to marche for dinner, took some neos and trooped off to esplanade for desert. er. with the many breaks in between to decide where to go and what we should do. haha. we're so good at making decisions.

after that wanted to go meet T before his flagoff. haha. but I got lost and spent super long looking for benjamins sheares bridge. so I walked one whole big round around that area when actually the place was just at the esplanade. haha. oh well. hope he does well.

just want to thank all those ppl who wished me and council ppl for singing a birthday song. so sweet of you guys! love ya all!
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Wednesday, October 12, 2005
alright... here are my long overdue 5 quirks:
1. I wash my feet before I sleep every night. don't ask me why... but ur bed feels nicer that way. sleep more comfortably as well

2.I sing when Im in the shower. I sing whatever is stuck in my mind and dun care if its out of tune but the minute I open the toilet door I stop.

3. I like my erasers to be clean... so I will rub them on a clean piece of paper until the eraser is white.

4. I whistle by sucking air in instead of out.

5.*thinks* hmmm. I forget what I am saying in the middle of a sentence... and then I can never remember what I wanted to say. like how I forgot what my 5th quirk was. haha.

ok so that was my 5 quirks.

hmm... mello. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you happy so... I guess you can't say that I get nothing in return yar? hahaha.

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Friday, October 07, 2005
incase you guys have been wondering how come my blog has been pretty stagnant for a while...
this is the reason:
27 Sep-General Paper
28 Sep- AO Chinese
4 Oct- Bio Spa
5 Oct- Physics
6 Oct- Bio and Chem
7 Oct- Mathematics
10 Oct- Physics spa

sigh. promos. are finally over. Physics spa is not really counted. haha.
now to focus on PW and AO chinese.
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