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Monday, January 30, 2006
To keep Your lovely face
Ever before my eyes
This is my prayer
Make it my strong desire
That in my secret heart
No other love competes
No rival throne survives
And I serve only You.

Happy Chinese New Year Everybody!
It's the 2nd day of new year. Hols are coming to an end!!!

heh heh. on the first day of cny, was leaving my grandma's house when I heard someone callilng my name very loudly. I turned and I saw WY and in my surprise I shouted "AAAH!" . after that my parents said that it came out quite rude. Im sorry WY! didn't mean to sound rude.

Been having huge cravings these few days. I've been eating and eating all the new year goodies and the wonderful wonderful chocolatey cake from Awfully Chocolate..eep! feeling super bloated. I am going to set a new year's resolution: I am going to stop bingeing. Stop stop stop!

Ever wondered what you'll be in the future? for those who are working, whether there was a chance in life for you to pursue anything else? would you still have chosen the same path? a very special person told me before that we shouldn't regret. cos if we did, then there will be no end to it. what if you can't help looking back, and thinking what you could have been, what you could have done? is't that what life is about, looking back, learning from the past? when you were at those crossroads, sometimes its not always easy to choose, sometimes God doesn't place a barricade on one of the roads. Then how do you decide where to go from there?

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Friday, January 27, 2006
today was quite slack. cos today was a half day.
during ME, we snacked in class, ate corny chips, took lots of pictures. Ren took super unglam pictures of everybody.

van's performance was great. she gives me the shivers, goosebumps whenever she performs, and she's the only one who can take my breath away. whoosh. I just stop breathing as I watch. you really are very talented and beautiful.

after cny celebrations, the council loi hei-ed. haha... what a mess it was. yu sheng all over the table. haha. then after that gen, loke, belle, siva and I went to sc to play monopoly s'pore version. wow they are loud. esp gen. super high pitched man. after that siva and I were complaining that there was still a ringing in our ears. hahahha but it was fun!
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Saturday, January 21, 2006
went for picnic at botanics with mel, jan, gen, and bev.
quite fun except for that irritating BEEtle. And the ants which attacked our tuna. And the pidgeons. Bird flu! bev came like super late, and she wore these really nice looking shoes, but they hurt really badly. don't know how she can tahan.

then went to fawn's farewell party. heard she was really shocked. yay! hahaha.. sound very sadistic right? but we wanted it to be like that mah. haha.

because pei yu wanted me to blog about her, here goes: hello PEI YU!!!
haha. just joking la. pei yu pei yu peiyu. thanks for walking me out! oh and ren! thanks for walking me in! haha.
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Saturday, January 14, 2006
oh yea.
just want to say thanks lynne. for that email. hope your enjoying school at sajc? ahha...
you continued the trend again! ahah. all the head prefects go there!

Hey GB girls!!! how was the cca fair?? sorry I couldn't make it... I was in a meeting for like 4 hours?! but I bet you guys put up the best performance! always so proud of you guys! GB!!!
Gold company! woooosh! heh. yay!

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many people have been asking me why Im so different in real life and on the blog. I guess the blog is where I dump all the crap in me out so that I can smile in real life. Everyone needs an outlet eh? funny theory don't you think? but it works for me.

Fawn's leaving. Our class is getting smaller. sigh.

February brings in more events to plan. Orientation 2, open house, Friendship week..
will you be hurt again?
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Lessons of Life
There was a man who had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn not to judge things too quickly. So he sent them each on a quest, in turn, to go and look at a pear tree that was a great distance away.
The first son went in the winter, the second in the spring, the third in summer, and the youngest son in the fall. When they had all gone and come back, he called them together to describe what they had seen.
The first son said that the tree was ugly, bent, and twisted.
The second son said no it was covered with green buds and full of promise.
The third son disagreed; he said it was laden with blossoms that smelled so sweet and looked so beautiful, it was the most graceful thing he had ever seen.
The last son disagreed with all of them; he said it was ripe and drooping with fruit, full of life and fulfillment.
The man then explained to his sons that they were all right, because they had each seen but only one season in the tree's life. He told them that you cannot judge a tree, or a person, by only one season, and that the essence of who they are and the pleasure, joy, and love that come from that life can only be measured at the end, when all the seasons are up.
If you give up when it's winter, you will miss the promise of your spring, the beauty of your summer, fulfillment of your fall.
Moral: Don't let the pain of one season destroy the joy of all the rest. Don't judge life by one difficult season. Persevere through the difficult patches and better times are sure to come some time sooner or later.
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Sunday, January 08, 2006
Orientation ended yesterday with the finale! but we had to go back to school today to clean up the Student Centre. We're all really messy people, the SC looked like a tornado swept passed before the clean up. After the clean up, I was really tired, didn't go to church for camp debrief. sorry camp commandant.

During orientation, I learnt things the hard way. Once again, God broke me. not once, but many times. I did so many things to create a good impression with the teachers, but in whatever I did, I just screwed up even more badly. Then I began to question myself, why was I trying to hard to please people? Shouldn't it be for someone whom was watching over me all the time, some one who was far more important than all the council teachers in the world? I lost my focus again. and God broke me for it. but Im glad He did it. Everytime I think that I can survive without Him, He slaps me in the face, and in a way, Im grateful for it. If pain is what it takes for me to keep Him as the centre of my life, however sad and pathetic this sounds, I'll take it. If you're thinking why anyone can be so weak and stray away so easily, Im only human. Weakness is something we all deal with. Not that Im giving myself an excuse for straying away, but just justifying the fact why I need slaps once in a while. Everyone needs to be reminded once in a while no? haha.

I realise I get so involved in whatever that Im supposed to do that I forget about my friends. I know saying sorry doesn't help to redeem myself (like they say sorry no cure), but Im really sorry k?! so sorry van and mel. you can slap me too if you want ok?
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Monday, January 02, 2006
its 2006. what will this year bring? what new changes will there be?

met up with gen, jan, mel today. had dinner and exchanged presents. and later we went a little high on hot chocolate so we all ended up lying on mel's bed and laughing at the silliest things ever.

new year's resolutions. I never came up with them cause I knew somehow that I would never keep them? or maybe I was too easily contented. I mean I know Im a pampered person but generally Im happy with what life gives me? Maybe that's why my thought processes are really shallow. LW display pic was of a little boy kneeling on the floor, drawing. to me all I thought was, "oh this boy is so cute!". but to her she saw such passion in the boy, said that it reflected things close to her heart. how come others can see such things and I can't? why Im I so uninteresting.

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