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Tuesday, May 30, 2006
sigh. It happened again today. This time at a cinema. Some of the LTC com people went to eat dinner and watch Da Vinci Code at Bishan after the dry run today. Before the movie, G bought a loaf of delifrance baguette for dinner and she couldn't finish it. So I wanted to take it home for breakfast the next morning. (fine.. kind of cheapo. but it's good bread ok?!) BUT.... The staff who collect tickets saw me asking MH whether she minded helping me put the bread in her bag and stopped us. gr. It's not as if we were going to eat it in the theatre. gr. So, we threw the bread away because the movie was going to start soon. There went my breakfast...
So anyways... that's not the main part of this entry...
Da vinci is given a NC-16 rating, and because the cinema was recently singled out by the newspaper that it allowed underaged people to pass through them, thus they decided to become more stringent. Nothing wrong with that... in fact I think its good. However when it was my turn, I gave the lady my student pass. You know the blue one that they give you in secondary school, the one with the photo taken in primary 6? Yes. That one. The card clearly states valid till DEC 2006 ok? Means JC included. but anyways, she stopped me and told me that I couldn't use that card. Then I was like,"why not? we can use it in exams, its official." Then she said, "ya I know, but... ", and then she passed my card to her partner and said, "Xiang meh?" (does this look like her?). Then she took back the card and put it to my face to compare. "don't look like leh?" LIKE?!?!?! It's not my fault we can't change the photo on the card!!!! I just happen not to be photogenic ok?. gr. so mean. Be more professional can? Even people at immigration don't do that la. And I've passed international borders with that photo ok, and now I almost can't get into a cinema. Then her partner asked me to quote my I/C number. fine. I quoted, and she told me not to use that card again and she let me pass through. gr.
Being more stringent doesn't mean being more rigid... you can tell a person's age by looking at the birth year also what. These things always happen to me.

We got front row seats for the movie. ahha. actually that is my fault, because actually my friends had the choice of the second row or the first row. but they had to call me to confirm with me whether I was joining them and we lost the 2nd row. sorry!!! So we all came out of the cinema with neck cramps. haha. K is damn funny, kept shifting and then lying on the floor with his head on the chair.. then he say he can watch the movie from behind the screen. haha. so funny.. who ask you to have such a long body?! haha. I, another good reason for being short eh? woo hoo!
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hmmm.. this post is specially to people who have given their encourage and support in one way or another. :)

To pyu, ren, rong... Thanks for the yummy yummy chocolate cake. The mouse is so cute, almost couldn't bear to eat it. and thanks for the balloon! Sorry I couldn't talk longer with you guys today. sorry!

To lw, thanks for the note. :) so sweet of you.

saying that you care and love a person really means a lot. So what are you waiting for? tell your friends that you love them!!

I LOVE YOU!!! haha
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Friday, May 26, 2006
A lot of things have been slipping from my mind recently, like how I forgot to find a replacement for morning announcements today. Must have caused quite a confusion and put lots of stress on the poor J1 to take over impromtu. but well done! you're very brave! I think there were somemore things that I forgot... but I probably forgot what I forgot. sigh.

To all those who have sent me encouraging smses and who have come down to the wake despite their busy schedules, a big thank you. My family is very grateful for your support. haha. Thanks to 'And then there were 6' for being so thoughtful and getting Kids! Brands chicken essence so my sis can drink it too! :) so cute!

Im really happy for you, you're finally on the way to do something that you really want to do. Praise God. You prepare yourself very well mentally and emotionally for every decision that you make. So, I guess I'll just wish you all the best. :)

well.. there were a lot more things I wanted to blog about but I keep forgetting them. Or maybe...

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Monday, May 22, 2006
my grandpa passed away today.

my mother's heart must be hurting so badly..
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Saturday, May 20, 2006
I haven't been blogging for a week. Busy week. (as usual) Meetings, matches to go down to support, tests.

The monday chem test was postponed to Friday, much to some people's relief (like mine), but for some people that was terrible news because there was physics spa skill A on that day as well. I don't see why that really matters because mdm L's tests are so difficult and she gives so little time that there is really no difference whether you studied or not. The highest in class was a single digit. haha. oh well. She's a good teacher though.

The school's got new study benches, an effort to make the j2s study more at school. I mean... I appreciate the school doing that but some of the areas that they put the benches at, its so dark and warm, how to study? Maybe they could open more LTs for studying and extend the opening hours? At least got air con.

Rugby finals.
Some people think that their win is over-rated. well... Rugby is just a popular sport, somehow the saints live for rugby (esp the old boys) and hey... we finally got first after 17 years, AND we defeated two defending champions. That's a big thing. Together with the council nominees, the 28th also went down to help cheer for rubgy boys. We got there and we saw this HUGE RJ banner, heard they had scouts come down in the morning to help build the structure out of scaffolding in order to hang the banner. So basically everybody was admiring their banner and we became embarrassed to put up our pathetic banner. Then M C asked how come we don't have a banner like that? well... our school no money.....thats why. Our banner paint was donated by the drama club la. We don't have budget. sigh. But Anyways... we went there to play rugby not to win a banner making competition. A few days after the match, the ruggers were asking B why we didn't have a banner. He said, " aiyah... we go there to win rugby, not banner making competition. Then the ruggers said what if they didn't win? so B replied," then we will say... anyway you all will lose, don't waste our efforts making a banner." haha! damn funny.
The atmosphere at the stadium was just like... WOW! Especially when time was almost running out and SA scored two more tries. Everyone was just chanting, "S...A...J...C!" and when the whistle was blown... everybody rushed out onto the field. Some people cried, some screamed,some laughed, others all three at the same time. How many times in your life do you get to experience something like that? We finally got to sing our school song during a match as well.haha. Adrenaline rush man.

REWIND won 2nd place! cool! yay!
The guy from sa who won the individuals category is very funny. When he sung his encore song. he jumped down the stage and walked around the CC! hahah! so singapore Idol! Very charismatic eh? haha. got potential!

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Saturday, May 13, 2006
My day began at 9.30pm yesterday night. Mum and dad drove J,K,Ls and I to J's house after tuition so that J could pack his things for the recce. My mum made a whole fuss about wearing my cardigan during the recce because its going to be cold at 2.30 am. After I refused, she roped in J, K and Ls to make sure that I wore my cardigan. sigh. haha... Im still a kid to her.

Met G and I at YCK station. And we went to Sembawang Station together. Then we all trooped to ms N house to spend the rest of the time before we started the recce. Ms N's house is so her. There are classic flower motiffs everywhere! G and I tried counting the flowers in her house, but I gave up after a seeing a gift box with a pink rose motiff all over it. ahha. We played cards and watched Scary Movie. At 2.30am we set off on our long journey. We walked from XX to YY, our legs were super suan after that. we reached YY at 6.15am. After that we had to recce YY as well. ( incase ur wondering... sorry can't reveal the place. haha. )

Anyways... that's just the physical part of it. I guess today, I learned about a lot of things as well.

That Im so afraid of not being around people. Like it matters to me a lot that people like me, when it should not be a problem at all. I guess everybody has a secret flaw(s), even the most confident person has his insecurities. Everybody just wants to be accepted. When I speak to people I get paranoid, I worry that whatever I say offends them, whether it will give them a good impression of me. Hence most of the time, I end up not speaking at all.

hmmm... when I heard about it today. I really couldn't describe how I was feeling. It was like a mixture of jealousy, heartache and concern. Jealous cause... oh my. It's so terrible to think this way, I can't help wonder why I don't have such "luck" ahha. I sound like some despo freak. Well Im not... everybody likes to be flattered once in a while. :D Heartache because, I know how you feel. I know what you are willing to sacrifice, I know the awkwardness you have to deal with, the hope that you continue to have, yet the thought of the possibility that you might lose it all. And well.. concern comes as a package. Hope everything works out for both of you.

Ms K! not the SA ms K but my ms K is pregnant! just found out as well!will pray for her, that she will be comforted from all her fears. :)
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Saturday, May 06, 2006
hmmm.. ok I can't say much about this.. yup. but today was fun!


met at the school main gate at 7. haha K woke up late.. he was the last to reach. hahahha! then he came with just his wallet, hp, water bottle and big umbrella which he took last minute from his dad's car. ahhaha! quite funny. look like tourist.

then once we set off... it started raining super heavily so we took shelter under the expressway for some time. we were so bored we amused ourselves by trying to spot some black chicken hiding in the bushes. Then we sent JM to go and "chirp" with it. hahah!

We did a lot of cycling today. super tired. Aching joints. but at least we had time to bond and we had fun! SORRY GEN! sorry.

resolution: I must learn how to cycle!
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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Recent interviews

all these interviews have gotten me thinking. Who were the people who were likely to succeed? people who were sincere, earnest, who put thought into why they wanted it, no politically correct answers, quick and witty. So much for always thinking that I should stick to safe answers. answers that everybody liked to hear. I realise that maybe in the past when I went for all those interviews I didn't really put much thought into it. I didn't reflect on why I wanted it, it was more of something that I had to do. I was so afraid of saying the wrong things, everything that I said was so standard, and that didn't help in helping to set me apart from the rest. now I see why. sigh. don't try to be something Im not.

Baby eaglets

When it is time for baby eaglets to learn how to fly, there are several things that the mother eagle would do. First, she will bring her eaglets to the side of the nest and fly out, hopefully her chicks will follow her. If the stubborn chick is too afraid, and refuses to go out of the nest, the mother will literally push her chick out of the nest. Let it fall and struggle and learn how to use its wings. However, all this while, the mother will fly below the struggling chick, flapping its wings to give the chick the lift, or to catch the chick just incase the little fellow really doesn't make it and fails to fly.
I guess that's how Im feeling now. standing at the side of my nest, my comfort zone, a place where I know everything is provided for me. Outside my nest, a whole new strange world. Hesitating. Afraid of the unknown.not knowing whether I will fail or succeed. Unwilling to let go. when the time comes, I'll get pushed out of the nest, left to fight to learn how to fly. but ultimately, I know that there will always be people below me, the wind beneath my wings, pushing me to fly higher and higher. It's hard to learn how to be independent, but somehow, I think I will get there. Im praying I will.

3 months and 19 days to go.
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