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Thursday, June 29, 2006
hey mel, bev, I just did the emode test again for which type of guy Im looking for. I don't think the results are very accurate because I felt that my answers were kind of conflicting. Anyways, my ideal type of guy is the same as bev's. haha. oh no. can you imagine bev and I fighting for the same guy next time? er... no! you can have him. take take.

Went to watch The King and His Clown with mel today. Walked out of the cinema having pretty much detest for almost all the characters. Firstly the King, he's lazy, insane, only cares for his own sick pleasure (be it a guy or girl). Some people will say he's like that because of childhood trauma. Well, the guy's mum was made to drink poison because she was accused by other concubines of being a slut. ok so the poor boy grew up without a mother and this caused a flaw in his character. The king also falls into his own struggle to defeat his own insecurity. Pressure is on him to be like his father, the previous king. but whenever he's reminded of that, he blows his top because he knows he will never be as strong as his father.

Gong-gil. The effeminate clown.He's kind of witty, but other than that he's absolutely useless and weak. He has no means of defending himself, except when everybody threatens to leave him behind, he starts to do something. But that's just because if he doesn't he's going to be alone.

Gong-gil's best "friend"? Friend because Im not sure whether they actually like each other. maybe they are just really really good friends. he's silly because he's always listening to gong-gil and when gong gil gets into trouble, he's always there to rescue him. Nothing's wrong with the rescuing part. That's what friends do. But the thing is that if he sensed from the very beginning that things were going to get bad, he should have just asked gong-gil to shut up, kidnap him and leave. He should have stood firm and stopped the trouble from happening.

Why are the show's characters so detestable? maybe because we see a little of ourselves in each of them? maybe not to such an exagerated degree, but maybe the root characteristics of these people. Insecurity, the need to feel important, greed, selfishness, over-reliance on others. The instinct to feel superior to others.

watch the show if you can, it'll make you laugh, cry, cringe. It'll show you the power of friendship or love (whichever way you see it), and how much evil men are capable of.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
yayness. Im doing this cause I was asked by SALINA to do it. must I really do it? gr.


1. The tagged victims have to come up with eight different points of his/her perfect lover.
2. Have to mention the gender of his/her perfect lover.
3. Tag eight other victims to join this game and leave a comment on their blog.
4. If you are tagged the second time, there's no need to do this AGAIN.
5. Lastly, most importantly, HAVE. FUN. DOING. IT .

ok... here goes... HE must be...
1. a christian.

2. a good guy

3. a nice guy

4. a humorous guy

5. a leader (who is able to lead yet humble, with humility and teachability.. very important)

6. generous

7. a guy with wisdom and foresight.

8. like my daddy. ( Im serious... my dad is the best guy in the world.)

haha.. they are all quite vague... go figure.

hmmm.. won't name any specific ppl... most ppl I know will be studying for BTs. but if you want to do it... go ahead.. but of course let me know so I can do a bit of snooping. haha.

Daddy wore the shirt we made him for fathers' day... so sporting.
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Monday, June 19, 2006
somehow I miss v... it's just something abt a person going overseas... like you know that the person is so far away..hope everything goes well.

guess what time I woke up today? super piggish. 3.25 pm. hey.. I slept at 3 am ok? so actually I slept for only 12 hours, which is not too bad. ok fine.. Im trying to make myself feel better. so basically today was a super short day for me, what K says is a duck day. Three duck days = to 1 human day. haha super funny.

C sent me this.. watch it. It's a very touching video.
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Thursday, June 15, 2006
Just came back from malacca church camp. A few things I learnt at camp:
1. Sandflies are attracted to my sandals. (proven from the many red dots I have all over my feet)
2. Sandfly medication makes you very drowsy.Don't take when you need to be awake to let people into the apartment.
3.People in malaysia are more generous with their milo powder.
4. of course I learnt something biblical too... Flee from temptations!

want to thank S for talking with me that day... :)

today went shopping with mummy... bought some pure poison. smells quite fruity and sweet... I like. haven't gone shopping with mummy for a long time.

Jan is practicing her drums really hard. poor thing. hope she doesn't get too stressed.

Youth sunday service on the 25th of JUNE!!! please come if you can!

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Saturday, June 10, 2006
Suffering from post LTC blues. It's kind of strange because just before it started, I was telling K that I was quite sian of camps. I think all of us really grew during LTC..not just the campers, but the facils as well. Maybe even more for the facils. The camp bonded all of us quite well. Really want to thank all of you for the wonderful, wonderful time. Every time I think of what Im leaving now I get teary-eyed. If there wasn't ltc maybe I wouldn't have felt this way.

Joel, JM, Sam, Ian, Brynner, Loke, Gen, Ken, May, Alfred, Yuan... thanks for everything.
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