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Sunday, October 22, 2006
Im finally blogging after such a long time. I think this event in my life deserves a entry.

Fall Break-Chicago.
I left for Chicago with a group of friends on the 14th. We left in two cars and here's a picture of one of the cars:

The reliable Chevvy!
Its really small and tiny and once you hit a speed of 60mph you feel as if you're taking off... but... don't judge it by its size ok? It's super reliable. Lasted us all the way from ann arbor to chicago and back.

Chicago is a big city, the architecture is really pretty, it feels like a scene from batman or something. Majestic, old buildings, bridges over blue rivers. really really pretty.

On the first day, we went to navy pier and china town. Navy pier itself was alright, but the view was beautiful. We ate dinner at a restaurant called Penang at Chinatown. The boss is so obviously Malaysian, he speaks with the malaysian "qiang". Dinner was super good and we finally had nicely cooked rice! not rice that is half cooked and icky.

Day two: Shedd's aquarium.

The view from shedd's aquarium:

Super nice right? The chicago skyline and the waters are not from the sea, its from lake michigan so its like blue and clear.
I didn't really take a lot of pictures inside the aquarium, cannot use flash and my camera is useless without flash because I have unsteady hands so.. if you can imagine a cross between sentosa and a fish pet shop. yup. Displays of fish, reef displays. The only thing different was the underground observatory where you can see dolphins and beluga whales swimming around.

You know... considering the size of the beluga whales.. their enclosure is a hell lot smaller than the dolphins. Discrimination just because the dolphins look cuter. tsk tsk tsk.
After the aquarium we went to eat at the cheesecake factory, and then we split up. Some of us went to watch a play and the others went to the University of Chicago. The play was called Sheer Madness. It was pretty interesting, the plot's something like cluedo. So someone gets murdered in a barber shop and everybody's a suspect. The audience has to ask questions and come to a conclusion about who they think the murderer is and the actors will act according. So its kind of interactive and spontaneous. Interesting concept because every show is going to be different. Later...They surprised me with ice cream and balloons when we got back to the hotel! Thanks guys!

Day 3: Factory Outlet.
Went shopping at the factory outlet. Well there's nothing special about the factory outlet la. all factory outlets are almost the same. anyways.. on the ride back, something happened: I guess its not something that I wanted it to happen. but now that it did, I think there were a lot of other things that didn't happen that Im so thankful for. God was really watching out for us that day, we were this close to perhaps losing somebody.

so we had to stay an extra night in chicago at the red roof inn, it wasn't too bad, got to catch up on sleep there except that the beds there are lousy! and I woke up with a neck ache. I guess for this trip, it was really tiring on the guys, they had to drive, plan the programme, and settle all the paperwork. The girls.. we did contribute also ok? we helped to keep the guys awake when they were driving. :) Fall break was definitely quite an experience for us all.

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